Service Desk

Service Desk

Connect better with the single point contact

Increase service quality and user satisfaction as a result of a streamlined and enriched digital business transformation

Service desk to Connect Faster, Better and Stronger

Traditional businesses require IT-related support to function and maintain their day-to-day tasks and operations. Supporting business needs becomes necessary in these times of a rapidly changing world. Organizations need to implement and adapt service desk solutions to provide their customers with a seamless IT experience.

NAKA’s service desk solutions function because we have structured programs that support HR, facilities, administration, finance, security, and legal departments. Our service offerings are tailored to improve your organization’s overall digital experiences and cater to customer needs. With automated technologies to complement every element of deployment, delivery, and administration, NAKA can aid you to plan ahead of IT service desks.

Only 17 percent of global information workers think getting authorization to access data they need is a simple process.
Operating costs can be cut by up to 40%, and 50% of Service Catalog items can be automated.

How Service Desk helps your business?

Service Desk solutions can help you achieve your goals by using future technologies and implementing new, creative techniques. With a single Service desk software and portfolio management system, you can improve corporate processes.

Operational Efficiency
Standardize IT processes
Automated Routine Tasks
Faster incident Response
Greater alignment between business and IT
Valuable insights into user satisfaction
Enabled proactive problem management
Better planning of future IT services
Increased productivity
Automated workflows
Improved IT asset management
Asset valuation
Streamlined delivery of IT services
Greater reliability
Satisfied Clients
Successful Projects
Skilled Experts
Global Locations

Our Expertise

Derived from hands-on experience with design, development, and deployment


Management and maintenance of analytics is an essential segment of service desk solutions. It provides correct data and information to act accordingly.

NAKA offers individualized service desk solutions in real-time, as well as an analytical dashboard that is housed on the cloud and offers supporting documentation at any time. We on behalf of your organization, present a detailed view of metrics and help monitor the quality of your tools.

RPA and Automation

Modern tools and technologies provide a greater level of ease to business by solving queries that the automation can perform.

We at NAKA, employ AI and RPA to create advanced technologies that resolve end-user concerns in the least amount of time. Our design of a virtual agent and a chatbot has a high degree of accuracy.


Address customer issues, while digital transformation can be a great challenge. Businesses need support in terms of locations, language, tools, and security.

NAKA’s Data Analysts help align your analytical solutions with your company’s key, strategic, and operational goals. We maintain the accuracy and reliability of data utilized in analytics, as well as reduce data gathering issues.

Next-Gen solution

Technology has advanced to the point that it is now a vital business accelerator. This trend is placing more emphasis on service desks to provide speedier, more customized solutions that properly meet the demands of individuals and the organization.

NAKA’s Next-Gen service desk provides an evolutionary and extensive foundation that is built around digital technologies and automation. We provide businesses with exhaustive management of information, knowledge, and reporting.


To ensure speedier resolution, NAKA leverages AI-powered automation to prioritize, allocate, and organize support tickets. NAKA facilitates digital business evolution by providing highly tailored, proactive, and straightforward services to end-users. Our current customers have already reaped multiple advantages from working with us.

How NAKA does it differently?

Service desk solutions are developed to help you operate your clients' remote computers with ease thanks to their streamlined customer experiences and time-saving capabilities.
The hybrid strategy provides for a more comprehensive, holistic computing user experience, as well as driving shifts left from level 2, maintaining staff skill development.
With a combined RMM and PSA tool and the effectiveness of cloud-based IT ticketing, you'll be able to create seamless operations.
Standard aspects of the service desk operation have been automated for more rapid support and payment through a single interface.
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