IT Self Service

IT Self Service

IT Self Service for better IT environment

Self-service solutions can help your business to achieve all

Restructure your IT environments

To keep up with Digital advancement and related Customer needs, organizations had to reform and adopt technologies that can cater to these needs. Customers are an essential part and a proof that a business is running smoothly, so their requests and requirements must be the priority of the organization.

NAKA Modern Self-Service solutions enable businesses to give their consumers what they want, that is the desire to interact with themselves swiftly and easily. NAKA provides IT self-service solutions which include vending and lockers, information systems, self-deployment, and automation to engage and support end-users.

According to a 2020 Research, Customers will buy products or services in 85 percent of cases without ever speaking to a human.
84 percent of their clients stated they had a better understanding of their services, and 74% said they felt more cared for.

How IT Self-Service helps your business?

With IT self-service and its solutions, customers attain fulfillment faster than ever before, with less hassle. It permits your end-users to shop often ordered IT items and accessories from a vending machine and offer other such services.

Improve your end-user experience
Drive incident avoidance/reduction
Reduce downtime
Monitor, track, and report IT expenditures
Reduce procurement and IT overhead
Improved Customer engagement
Effective Solutions
Reduced operational costs
Modernised IT service management
Empowered end-user
Automated solutions
Satisfied Clients
Successful Projects
Skilled Experts
Global Locations

Our Expertise

Derived from hands-on experience with design, development, and deployment

Smart Pay

Make paying bills hassle-free with smart paying methods that form an essential part of digital self-service. Features of Smart pay enable secure payment and give different types of payment options.

With NAKA’s best technologies and smart payment solutions, you can provide your customer with a smooth monetary transaction. NAKA’s Digital Self Service is a PCI (Payment Card Industry) certified program that can help you safeguard client data and prevent forgery.

Smart Billing

Traditional billing and billing methods are now transformed with the help of smart technological methods which can significantly reduce redundancy.

Smart billing from NAKA can take your client experience to a whole new level, reducing your “days outstanding” and recovery operations. NAKA offers various interactive views of your customers’ billing data because your core customers and enterprises may get the entitlements they need.


Integrated Channels like chatbots can quickly make you stand in the marketplace as it is one of the best-personalized tools for your customers’ needs.

By optimizing operations and collaboration in real-time and at any moment, NAKA’s chatbot method advances your users’ experience. We use tailored and collaborative tools and technology to improve your consumer communication plan and supplement your chatbot interactions.

Personalized Interactive Video

Visualization of Solutions can create a massive impact in reaching the audience and customers and is a very effective method of understanding. Explanations through videos can significantly boost the experience of businesses as well as customers.

NAKA is a one-of-a-kind Immersive Individualised Video solution that creates custom video encounters that deliver mechanized self-service in a fun and interactive way, based on real-time client data and other identifying details.


Leveraging our easily configurable, adaptable templates, we at NAKA can assist you in creating something altogether new. We’ve made it as smooth as possible for you to get started.

We help you build digital self-service, a fundamental moral of your whole customer interaction strategy, whether you’re searching for an effective way to send data digitally and be paid faster, or initiatives to enhance user experience while lowering overhead costs.

How NAKA does it differently?

Self-healing algorithms let you detect frequent difficulties and automate remedies to recurring challenges, saving you money and effort.
Establish, update, and maintain usable information, as well as IT self-service for your employees, to assist them in learning about fixes and resolving problems.
Access control, single sign-on, and password renewals with automatic deployment and tracking provide accountability and security.
Use IT self-service alternatives like vending and lockers, information sources, self-deployment, and automation to educate and serve end-users.
As your needs change, new features are added to your existing systems and procedures.
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