IT Governance and Transformation

IT Governance and Transformation

IT Governance and Transformation for the Modern Workforce

Invest in technology to boost business growth more

Manage your Operations Smartly

Modern Workforces are discarding traditional methods of transformation and have incorporated flexible locations and timings, irrespective of the device and the expectations are seemingly high. New ways and methods of handling operations and performing tasks are taking the centre stage.

NAKA’s IT governance framework assists you in modernizing your end-user good clustering and transforming the way you give IT support, resulting in rapid resolution timeframes, lower ticket numbers, and higher customer satisfaction. NAKA can help your company update its whole business by implementing next-generation digital capabilities.

How IT Governance and Transformation helps your business?

The solution will assist you in developing thorough contemporary team effectiveness so that the business can remain competitive while also attracting and retaining top personnel.

Strong program governance
Focused engagement
Managed Services
Industry best practices
Service-level improvements
Reduced operating costs
Improved user experience
Improved productivity
Enhanced Customer experience
Modern Workplace
Satisfied Clients
Successful Projects
Skilled Experts
Global Locations

Our Expertise

Derived from hands-on experience with design, development, and deployment

Efficient Operation

Maintaining and aligning with suitable technologies to get with the workforce and IT requirements is what companies and organizations must comply with for better outcomes.

With NAKA’s hands-on services and effective IT operations, we help organizations build their workforce to be audit friendly and carry on assessments and refining processes using innovative technologies.

Customer Roadmaps

Productivity and planning of all policies whether of organizational level or departmental, transformation must be its functional element. Organizations often lack modernization and that can hamper growth.

To equip the modern workforce, NAKA provides the ultimate tactical business plans for transforming with self-service technology and mobile, cloud-based solutions.

Visibility and Transparency

To build credibility and provide customers with relevant business exposure, transparency in organizational functions and customer services must be maintained.

NAKA creates thorough reporting and analytics that illustrate achievement and provide the data needed to make effective business decisions.


NAKA addresses the key areas of your organization to increase growth, from preparation through performance and improvement initiatives, using a consistent methodology. We share and rely on our commitment to bring in the best possible results curated for your organization.

How NAKA does it differently?

Determine the basic role an application provides in the organization, including demonstrable impact, relevance to objective or corporate objectives, and how its failure might influence operations, strategic alignment is required.
Identify both overt and covert ongoing costs, as well as the financial consequences of departure on other activities, using the cost to run method.
Analyze direct consequences on service performance, such as satisfaction, restrictions, functional gaps, and duplication, functional health is used.
Technical health is determined by determining adherence to enterprise architecture standards, the capacity to consistently fulfill specific goals and service-level agreements, vendor or other assistance accessibility, and the expected end of life.
Develop a risk profile incorporating security vulnerabilities and accessible innovation advantage, adherence to current security standards, compatibility with existing cybersecurity networks, and level of cyber hygiene, and use vulnerabilities.
Productivity, technology, legal, and compliance considerations affect the profitability and comparison of materials restoration, substitution, or migration methods, look into modernization and cloud adaptation.
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