End User Computing Managed Services

End-User Computing Managed Services

The Modern Workstyle

Collaborate effectively with your enterprise to plan the future of your Workplace adoption journey.

Better Integration for the best IT environment

The constant Changing in workplace demands can lead to unprecedented pressure on enterprises. The landscape now uses the best of all the services and solutions that are available to enhance the workplace environment. The pressuring need to quickly respond to issues and optimize the mobility of the enterprise is often felt when the time is already running.

NAKA, provides end-user computing managed services and assists you in fast transforming your IT infrastructure to create a more efficient and flexible workplace. Our customer support team and maintained desktop solutions can help you save money, increase end-user engagement, and provide better service. We curate strategic solutions to create an End User Computing that can meet the required business goal.

Cloud computing is expected to reach 495 billion USD by 2022.
Paving to the market development, 59% of the organizations worldwide have adopted BYOD.

How End-user Computing Managed Service helps your business?

End-user Computing managed services, harness innovation to help enhance productivity while cutting costs and keeping staff linked to critical information, whether you need to streamline IT operation management or facilitate unified communications and collaboration.

Improved User experience
Eliminated unnecessary Costs
Enhanced productivity
Secure remote working
Increased Collaboration
Real-Time Support and solutions
Managed Workspace
Great Employee Experience
Enterprise Mobility and Security
Satisfied Clients
Successful Projects
Skilled Experts
Global Locations

Our Expertise

Derived from hands-on experience with design, development, and deployment

End-User IT Outsourcing

The higher cost is a factor that makes it tough for enterprises to gain insight into the Workplace. Companies are required to improve their user experience to maintain their standards in the market.

We offer custom service desks and maintained desktop solutions to generate enough revenue, increase end-user satisfaction, and improve service levels.

Workplace Consulting

Implementation of processes without any hassle becomes a bigger task to comprehend in today’s time when companies plan each of their next steps.

NAKA helps you implement solutions quickly and easily, while also providing security and continuing administration for your virtual desktops and mobile devices. With its individualized solutions and experienced consulting, NAKA assists you in creating the roadmap you desire.

Workplace Modernisation

Modernization is the key ingredient in the transformation and development of industries and organizations. Innovative technologies, trendy skills, and exposure in the market must be looked at with a keen eye.

Offering versatile, secure, and improved quality, NAKA simplifies, streamlines, and deepens anytime, anywhere interactions and collaborations. NAKA helps you implement the latest of today’s technologies and methods to enhance your organizational efficiency.


We can assist you in making your employees and workforce more dynamic, productive, and engaged. We look at the larger picture and collaborate with you to develop an End User Computing (EUC) approach to meeting your business objectives.

How NAKA does it differently?

Optimize operations and state protection by evolving, innovating, and transforming IT.
Maintain your workplace regularly. This involves troubleshooting and patching devices.
You can save money, improve security, and properly organize user data with this innovative solution.
Boosts security policy compliance and governance. View files exchanged outside of the firm using OneDrive, Skype, or Teams, for example.
Windows Virtual Desktop gives your employees access to a desktop from anywhere, with a customer experience that is simply unsurpassed by competing virtual desktop solutions.
In a fast-changing company environment, encourage remote working. lowering on-premises capital expenses and encouraging more adaptable remote work
Delivers a hassle-free virtual desktop online experience by swiftly responding to EUC break/fix incidents and enabling secure remote working.
Ensure that the employees have a uniform working experience regardless of where they work or how they receive assistance.
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