Content and Collaboration

Content and Collaboration

Building Extraordinary with Better Teamwork

Establish a seamless experience that delights both customers and colleagues

Stabilize your Business Flow with Better Content and Collaboration Services

Flexible teamwork and Customer experience make your business extraordinary, it is often found challenging to start working on it. Several collaboration solutions can be implemented to make your workforce a collective success. Mindful investing, transformation, and real-time solutions, can lead to desired Productivity for the enterprise.

NAKA’s curated solutions, can boost your company’s productivity and handle tasks from any location or network. Our integrated content and collaboration solutions use cutting-edge technologies to optimize your current workflows. Flexible solutions and consistent performance is our key to transformation. We have a proper roadmap to maintain and monitor your investment in tools of Collaboration and Content.

33% of millennials prefer a collaborative workspace.
99% of people prefer workplaces with better communication spaces.

How Content and Collaboration helps your business?

Contemporary technology can connect people alongside, cut costs, reduce travel, and enhance communication. Augmented collaboration technologies not only improve employee collaboration but also strengthen consumer relationships.

Modern Technology
Reduce Costs
Optimized Communication.
Innovative Applications
Virtual Interactions
Productive And Engaging Sessions
Improved Efficiency
Productivity Oriented Content
In-Depth Reporting
Satisfied Clients
Successful Projects
Skilled Experts
Global Locations

Our Expertise

Derived from hands-on experience with design, development, and deployment

Teams Collaboration

Collaboration offers benefits and allows for remote work, but the idea of abandoning existing processes can be daunting. Collaboration and content have the powerful ability to modernize roadmaps and inculcate benefits.

NAKA’s Customised tabs and bots, fully connected with required workflows, enable you to grow your Team’s experience. We provide support at every stage of collaborative modernization.

Business Applications

Enhance your collaborative solutions and make your organization future-ready. Streamline and deploy software that will assist you in gaining business insights and generating engagement.

NAKA creates and supports a variety of productivity tools by integrating Power Apps and Power Automate technologies. NAKA uses cutting-edge software to transform virtual encounters into effective and interesting encounters.


Streamline your reporting with dashboards and tools that enable a productive business analysis and monitoring, strengthening loyalty in customers.

By establishing and implementing complex reporting dashboards in Power BI, we at NAKA can unleash next-level predictive analytics.

Design, Implementation, and Deployment

Promote an atmosphere that meets the needs of the present generation while also preparing you for the future, from hardware to apps to networking.

NAKA can help you plan, execute, and manage your cloud and on-premises equipment deployments, as well as provide a migration blueprint that will help you maximize the profits of collaboration transformation.


We, at NAKA, work with you to develop a thorough modernized workplace plan that will enable your organization to stay competitive while also attracting and retaining great employees.

How NAKA does it differently?

Increase employee awareness and engagement communication easier, especially in remote settings.
Streamline customer satisfaction while optimizing your professional toolsets.
Utilizing cloud or hybrid cloud technologies to plan for expansion and efficiently budgeting it with consumption billing.
Examine your existing situation concerning your intended goals, then consider a variety of solutions for closing the gap.
A well-thought-out approach that considers your budget, infrastructure preparedness, and end-user innovation demands.
Project managers guarantee that everything is completed on schedule and under budget, while experienced practice architects monitor implementation and incorporate repeatable distribution patterns.
Legacy voice collaboration technologies are transitioned into a digital model created for security, durability, and flexibility through empowerment and outsourced options, such as Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solutions.
Your environment will flow properly thanks to managed collaboration services, Post Launch Maintenance, and lifecycle management.
Slightly elevated phone and video collaboration products that quickly connect users across locales and devices bring the team together.
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