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    Anil Jagtiani

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    Anil Jagtiani, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at NAKA, a leading North American IT solutions provider. Anil launched NAKA in 2017 with the amazing team he had developed and trusted through his career. Anil wanted to name the company after pride, passion and integrity, where clients trust their diligence and dedication. The name NAKA comes from the town in Mumbai, India where he grew up. Humble beginnings gave him the drive to pursue the American dream of starting his own company. 

    Anil’s mission has been to give back by joining the board of Directors for an organization, BBBSLI. His focus has been to improve the lives of underprivileged sections of society through focused activities specifically for impoverished children.

    Anil loves watching and playing sports with his sons. He also likes to barbeque and bartend for friends and family.

    Fun Facts:

    “I am a huge Prince fan!”